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Hi Loi and angles!

We would like to super thank you for the help you provided during my wedding. The day I hired your team was the day the load from my shoulders were removed. You took over effortlessly and managed to make my wedding day memorable and FUN! The celebration was seamless. Hindi ko naramdaman ang stress :)

One of the things I’m very thankful for was our first meeting, given the stress I went through with that despicable photographer we first booked, you managed to calm me down and alleviate my worries. It was like talking to old friends when I recounted my harrowing experience. The 3 of you were so genial and kind that it made me decide to get your help. I hope you guys will never change despite the success! More success to come Loi and Team! :)

Added to that you, you connected me to Megapixels (Ferdie, Allan, Erwin and the crew) and Tito Tony (Tony Rodriguez); whose pictures and flowers were awesome (value for money talaga).

Btw, my aunt and uncle saw you at the wedding forum and they recognized you. He alled me just to make kwento that they saw “Loi’s angels” at Roxas :)

Again, super salamat! Gam-SahHam-Nee-Da!

I still owe you pizza!

Ku and Iris Son
January 24, 2010
Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Manila

Hi Loi, Ella, Ghen, and all the angels!

Hope everything's doing well with you. We're sorry that it has taken us so long to write this testimonial. We have been going nonstop since we got back from our honeymoon! Thank you for everything! That, so far, was the BEST day of our life. It is a memory that will live with us, with our kids, and with our guests for all of our lives. The performers along with the setting at the Parasol Garden made our ceremony a perfect day. Your extraordinary effort in arranging everything was priceless. We cannot deny how our relatives, friends, and us, gush over the entire event all the time.

From the beginning (remembering how we met at one of your events in Sonya's) you made us extremely confident and comfortable with your quick responses, professional manner, and expertise. You were absolutely meticulous with all your questions and suggestions (special mention Ella Ganda, super organized). You went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly.

We really had a most memorable experience with you and wouldn’t have changed a thing ~ not even the rain or should we say "blizzard". Thank you for making our experience smooth, relaxing, and wonderful.

To sum it all up, we really enjoyed working with you and we are surely going to miss our monthly, weekly, and then daily chats..telebabad, unlitext, email, late night yms. Awwww..remembering these, nakakamiss talaga! We didn't know that all these panic mode will start a beautiful friendship with you.

Thank you again for being our: wedding coordinator, witness, makeup artist, emcee, singer, yaya (yaya Ghen), and most of all, friend! All done extremely well at that! We could not be happier with the services and suggestions you made and the crew you set us up with. We just can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you!

We're looking forward to our coffee date. If you ever need reference, please let us know.

More power and God bless! Love you all!

IC and Aion
16 December 2007
Josephine's Tagaytay

Planning an event, your wedding perhaps, is a very demanding and challenging task to do. But with Loi and his darling angels around to assist you from day one of the preparations to the BIG DAY itself, everything would be just PERFECT!

Dearest Loi, Ella, Cristy, Ghen and the rest of the angels!

We just want to thank each and every one of you for making our dream wedding truly a reality. You were all just fantastic! You practically made everything possible, as Henry would have said it. From the preparations to the wedding day itself, we can say that it went on smoothly and we really have to commend you for that. Were it not for your expertise, we would not be able to handle those 280 guests. You guys didn't miss a beat. Our guests had nothing but praises for you guys!

To Loi, you did a marvelous job emceeing and singing our favorite song (Everything you do by Christian Bautista). You are a terrific emcee and all our guests’ eyes were on you during your hosting stint. Everything that day was just perfect and it’s all because of your magic touch!

To my dearest angels Ella, Cristy and Ghen, I love you girls!!! Thank you for taking care of me. You were all there by my side during those times that I am already in my panic mode. I was so nervous that day that I almost faint while getting ready to walk down the isle...but my angels were there to remind me that it will be just fine with a constant reminder from angel Ella: “Flower over flower, madam!”… And I would just end up laughing and all my worries will be gone…One thing that I truly regret that day is that I failed to have a picture with my beautiful angels…?

Henry and I, together with all our guests had a wonderful memory of that special day… and it’s all because of you guys! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

God bless and more power!

Henry and Len Pablo
March 15, 2008
Sacred Heart Parish – Quezon City
Windmills & Rainforest

Dearest Loi, Ela, Cris, Ghen, Grace & Marvin,

Super thank you for helping us on our wedding. All praises ang mga guests ko sa wedding...very well-organized, fun, no dull moment, complete success, were some of the comments of my friends and relatives...up to the smallest detail wala clang nakitang pumalya... Di kami ngkamali in choosing you. You'll have our recommendations. Pati si mama giliw na giliw sa inyo...

Loi, super talented ka as my guests also told me, galing mo mag-host, galing mo kumanta, mag-make up... lahat na kaya... Loi, thanks for making me beautiful on my wedding day. Ela, thank you for putting up with me sa dami ng txts at queries ko you always give me an answer galing mo lahat natatandaan mo as in you never forgot anything i said re the wedding at lahat naman na-carry-out ng maayos... Cris, thanks for helping me with the souvenirs and sa mga queries ko with the suppliers pero sayang di ka nakapunta nung wedding, Ghen, thanks sa pagsama mo sakin in meeting with Auffrance at sa iba pang concerns ng wedding. Grace, thanks for helping us on the wedding day. Without you guys my wedding wont be a success. Marvin, thanks also for taking care with our wedding needs from time to time. Roy, thanks for my hair sobrang ganda na-notice din ng mga guests ko.. Rolly and I and also all the guests had a wonderful and fun memory of that special day.

We're all happy and content with what happened on our wedding day. Thanks for being with us from the beginning of the preparations until the whole event was over. Pano nlang kung wala kayo...disaster!!!

Wala na atang katapusan ang thank you ko sa inyo. No doubt every couple would feel this way for the people who made our wedding day a complete success! Our sincerest gratitude and praises to all of you guys!!! More power and God Bless!! Kahit sa next lives namin kayo padin WEDDING COORDINATORS namin ha...promise!!! Mwahh!! I only regret one thing.. i forgot to have a picture with you nung wedding... sayang talaga!!!

Rolly & Amy
October 6,, 2007
Our Lady of Consolacion/Gazebo Royale

Hi Loi, Ella, Ghen, Vin and Gene

JC and I are very thankful for making our dream wedding a cherished one.

Sorry for our late message because after our honeymoon, we had business trips from our respective companies. It was indeed, an excellent choice that we chose your team to be a part of our wedding. We had received a lot of wonderful comments from our guests. One of our friends even commented on Loi, for his talent in hosting plus they were amazed that Loi can also sing (WOW!). Loi was a complete package.

Also, one of our barkada who is now engaged even texted us, that they also want your services in their wedding. They were truly impressed how well you organized our wedding. There was never been a dull moment in our reception. Everyone was glued on their seats until the program ends.

Amazing! It was the perfect wedding we dreamt it to be. It was an event that our family and friends would never ever forget. We want to thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts. Many Salamat!

JC and Grace Algire
July 7, 2007

Central United Methodist Church/Manila Hotel

Hi Loi, Jen, Ella & the rest of the team,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making our wedding celebration memorable.  We can't imagine ourselves worrying the nitty gritty things on our wedding day.

Before the celebration, we made sure that all the necessary things needed on the wedding day must be complete (based on my own standards) so that we will have no more problem.  But we both realized that it is not enough, every couple must really have their own wedding coordinator so that everything will be in order and the stress may be lessen....at least...

We commend all of you for a good job. In fact, we received a lot of positive comments from our guests...the church celebration was very solemn...the wedding singer/emcee was great!...the whole event was organized and in order. These things could not have been possible without your presence. You're not simply coordinators...you're such a wonderful team...with the skills, talent and the passion for your work.

Kudos to all of you! We look forward to work with you again in the future.


God bless and more power!

Jas & Che
June 30, 2007
Tagaytay City

"Well organized! Fun! Entertaining!"
Those were the words our guests left us. Those were the proof that getting them was the best decision that we did for our wedding.

Our rapport with them was just excellent. Loi, Ella and their team are very friendly and professional so preparations became less painful. They can be quite 'makulit' lalo na si Ella especially learning both of us have 'memory gaps'. Everything is all written down and they do make very good suggestions. Loi naman was at his best on the wedding day. He endeared the audience with comic hosting. A lot of our guests commented how good he was.

But we did forgot one thing... to thank them during the event. Well as the saying says "Huli ma't magaling, late pa rin!" este "naiihabol rin.", let this testimonial be our deepest thank you and honestly, both of us will never forget what you guys have done to make the event of our life unforgettable. Truly, your website's motto explains it all :)

We'll surely miss Loi and his team especially their cute puppies...hehehe...sa 50th Wedding Anniv namin kita-kita tayo ulit!

Dave & Yvonne
April 20, 2007
Shrine of Jesus Coconut Palace

Hi Loi, Ella and the rest of the gang =) We would like to thank you for helping us to have a very relaxing and organized wedding...

We indeed had a STRESS-FREE-WEDDING DAY! =) You do know how to make your clients satisfied and happy..

Two thumbs-up for you guys! keep it up! God bless! and May you have more events to come! =)

Paco Church/Century Park Hotel

We can’t be thankful enough for the superb effort that Loi & Co. did to our wedding. His Angels really did miracle that day, doing every little thing to make everything go the way we want it. Everywhere we turn, they’re always there, attending to all our needs. We met them only on the day of the wedding but it felt like we’ve known them already, they’re so friendly and comfortable to be with.

Loi's hosting was one for the books, he made everyone feel like a celebrity strolling on the red carpet just about to enter an awards show. And he sang brilliantly too, serenading the guests with a voice of an experienced balladeer. He's the complete package.

A week prior to the W-Day, we started panicking, so we thought the best solution would be to hire coordinators. We browsed through our wedding flyers, saw the name Villarama, opened their website, and at that moment, it finally hit us that these guys will draw the line between having a “great wedding” and a “nightmarish experience”. No pre-wedding meetings, just e-mail correspondences and text messages were enough to iron out some unfinished arrangements.

During that short span from price negotiation to the last goodbyes, there was never a time of anxiety. They showed professionalism and expertise at their work while exuding an aura of friendliness, the traits that will cement their status as one of the most sought after group of coordinators and “friends”.

To Loi & Co., you were never our coordinators, you are our friends. We love you guys and we hope to acquire your service again in the future. God Bless and more power to your group!

Ace & Irish
April 10, 2007
Subic Bay Chapel/Vista Marina

Kuya Loi,

You are such a wonderful person po!!! Bukod sa magaling magset-up, mag-organize and churvas napakabait na tao and nakakainspire kase hindi plastik!!!!

Salamat sa pagsuporta din sa akin and sa pagasikaso ng birthday ko !!!! Sa susunod po ulit!!!!

Kahit konting panahon lang tayo nagbond!!! Alam kong mabuting tao ka!!

God Bless…………Kita kits sa labas!!!

Yeng Constantino

December 4, 2006

Inside the Pinoy Dream Academy

May 5th 2006 - the day when what has been a dream before, now transformed into a reality. The day when me and Sam has finally put an end to our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship as we say our "I dos."

With this very special day, Sam and I wanted it to be extra beautiful and memorable... if not perfect, at least closed to one, that we did our best to provide what is needed and do what should be done. We were able to get the best suppliers, but we believed that no matter how best our suppliers could have been, without the best COORDINATORS the dream wedding could have not materialized and made into reality.

We salute you guys for the effort, the time and the patience. Our guests were all amazed of the solemnity of the wedding. They were even more astounded at the reception for it was so much fun that they wish the party won't be over 'til dawn. You wowed them with your great ideas, well-coordinated and organized moves.

With that, we THANK you so much for helping us make our wedding the most enjoyable and memorable one. Everybody was in their festive mood... there was never been a dull moment.

We are looking forward to working with you guys again in the future, could it be for another friend's wedding or for our baby's baptism, birthday or debut. We know for sure that you could go far as per our experience. We are so PROUD to tell our family and friends that YOU are our COORDINATORS and that you make that big day happen. You have become a part of a very wonderful experience that we will keep in our memories for the rest of our lives.


Dr. Sam & Mrs. Sheena Marie Llera - De Laza
May 5, 2006
Mt. Carmel Church / Oasis

Our Dearest Loi, Ella, Grace, Gene, Olive and Madel,

We just came back from our honeymoon and the first thing that we remembered when we arrived was to write you a testimonial. You were all sooo fabulous!!!

Our wedding especially the program during the reception dinner will not be as organized and as smooth if it weren’t for Loi and his angels.

All our guests were in awe to see these professional and elegantly looking emcee/balladeer and coordinators doing a superbly wonderful job.

Our fondest thanks to all of you as you have made our dream wedding possible. We hope our paths will cross again soon.

May you continue to be a blessing to many couples.

More power and God bless…

Gerald and Abi
October 20, 2006
INC-Locale of Paco/Manila Hotel

Dearest Loi & Co.,

Thank you so much for making our wedding extra special. It was fun working with you guys. You simplified everything. You are a bunch of talented professionals. You will go a long way.

Loi, you did a remarkable hosting job. You truly found your calling. Everyone was so impressed. Thanks for singing our song. Ella, your greatest strength lies in your warm and caring nature. We already miss your text messages. J Lari, thanks for the “tiara”. Girl scout ka talaga. Our heartfelt gratitude to the rest of the gang. Galing n’yo! Hindi kami nagkamali sa pagpili sa inyo.

God bless!

Abet & Lynn Sentin
March 10, 2006
Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish / Makati Park & Garden

Hello Loi, Ela "na makulit", Olive, Grace & Joseph

How are you guys? I miss all of you especially Loi & Ela na super dooper funny to be with (favoritism?!?). Dino & I would like to give you all a big hug for the wonderful task and making our wedding surely a memorable one.

Loi did really good in hosting (also coordinating). In fact our guests commented, " ang galing ng emcee nyo, very lively ang dating!" and "your emcee did a terrific job, ganda ng program!".

On the other hand the "angels" gave us their "all-out" assistance all the way at wala kami ma-say except THANK YOU. We're glad that we chose you guys to be a part of our special day. Hindi kami nagkamili sa pagpili sa inyo.Sa golden wedding namin, alam na namin kung sino ulit kukunin, hehehe!

More power and God bless! Keep up the good work!

Dr. Dino & Jo Peñaflor
June 25, 2006
Shrine of Jesus / Rigodon Ballroom, The Peninsula Manila

Hi Loi, Hi Ella, Hi Lari..and everyone,

Sorry if I got to send you an e-mail just now. It has been pretty busy before and right after the wedding. =)

Myke and I would really like to send our many many thanks to all of you for making our wedding day super hassle free! I will never forget what you did when the florist did not came on time with the flowers for the bridal car..it was one of the "whew! thank goodness you were there!" situation. Of course, how can I forget the comments from the guests that my hair accessory was so pretty - thanks to you guys. My items for "thank you" will go on and on....

I hope you were able to get a souvenir. The wedding pictures are not yet in, except for those which were taken by our friends and family using their personal cameras. By the way, Cebu was a very good destination for a honeymoon =)...I am attaching you guys a pix (one nga lang), but will try and send more as soon as I get things ok.

Thanks again!

Apple Guerra & Myke
April 8, 2006
Our Lady of Annunciation Parish

Dear Loi, Ela,Lari and the rest of the team,

We have been meaning to thank you weeks ago but work has been heavy lately and it was only last weekend that we were able to get feedback from our guests. Apart from my peeved Aunt Tita Dee (a principal sponsor) who missed the chance of going down the ala cinderalla stairs :), everyone else was raving about how wonderful and organized our wedding was.

Of course, a big portion of the credit goes out to you guys for coordinating and making possible all the things, major and minor, in our wish list. We were thinking that had we decided to do all the work ourselves, our wedding day wouldn't have been as wonderful and worry-free as it was. Who would have thought of giving away teddy bears as wedding favors and getting them at a bargain. Thank you Lari and Ela for hauling the teddy bears all the way from Divisoria to Boni. We were also surprised at how our customized fuschia pink fans as additional wedding favors turned out. There are a lot of other things to thank the two of you for like my wedding bouquet which had to be redone at the last minute. If it hadn't been for you, this bride would have to do with a very small bouquet and regret it for the rest of her life.

Loi has promised to give us an elegant but never-a-dull-moment wedding program and he has faithfully done so. We are just so sorry that in one of your songs, the sound system went awry. Don't worry, that little incident didn't dampen the party and it wasn't your fault anyway :). We and our guests immensely enjoyed the bouquet toss and garter game. The pictures give evidence to that.

Again, our heartfelt thanks and we hope that you will continue to help other people make their special day as wonderful as ours have been.

Best regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Cristina Castro
(Arnold and Cristina's wedding was held last March 5, 2006 at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City. Aside from the teddy bears and pink fans there were also personalized pink napkins given to the guests. Thank you for your trust guys!)

Dear Loi and the rest of the angels,

We would like to extend our thanks to you guys for making our wedding a successful one. From the preparations to the wedding day itself, I can say it went smoothly.Our wedding was fun and as what you've promised, the guests stayed throughout the evening. You really did a great job and we really commend you for that. Goodluck and Godspeed.

From us,
Anna Gianelli and Celso

January 14, 2006
Heart of Mary Parish/Sulo Hotel

Hi Loi and Ella,

Many thanks for the smiles and laughter amidst the frenzy of the wedding preparations. You and your angels are so professional yet fun to be with. With your help, we got the wedding we wanted: fun, relaxed and intimate. Three months later, our family and friends are still talking about our wedding. We could not ask for more.

Most importantly, thank you for putting up with two OCs in times of nervous breakdowns =)

We wish you success in your future endeavors.

Roland and Gay

(Roland and Gay held their wedding at Punta Fuego in Batangas last December 3, 2005. It was very intimate and fun...we had to extend the set of the band three times because everybody just kept on dancing and partying till midnight. As a make-up artist for commercials and print ads, Gay was my first bride client and she was a great buena mano coz more brides entrusted their wedding day look to me and my staff just by looking at her wedding pictures. Thank you Gay! Congrats guys!)

Sir Loi,

We've known you since high school but we eventually lost touch as the years passed by.

I guess it's serendipity that you find your calling in life in helping couples with their weddings, and we saw you again at a bridal fair, as we prepared for our own wedding. Finding you there after all these years, we knew that you were meant to be part of our wedding.

We knew that this was God's plan. As we trusted in His inifinite wisdom, so did we in your abilities.

And both of you did not fail us. It was the perfect wedding we dreamt it to be. It was the wedding our friends and family would never forget.

It would'nt have been that way if it weren't for you and your angels. You helped us with the smallest details we would have overlooked. The wedding reception was great and it flowed smoothly. The guests were attentive and they enjoyed the program. And even though there were last-minutes changes, everything was executed like clock-work. You guys didn't miss a beat. Our guests had nothing but praises for you guys.

More than that, we appreciate you going out of your way for us. You looked for suppliers for us. Helped pick our songs. Met with us at ungodly hours (I remember the meeting at 1am on the day of the wedding). All of these, when we could only afford to get you as our emcee. You performed way beyond the capacity we hired you for. And you have our deepest and sincerest thanks for that, for not trading your passion and love for your craft for monetary gain.

No amount of words or length of any testimonial could really show our debt of gratitude. Nevertheless, you will always have our thanks, and our love for the rest of our lives.

Matt and Chea
(Matt and Chea held theri wedding reception at camp aguinaldo last january 8, 2005. Matt was a schoolmate in UST Education High School and it was indeed a pleasure being a part of his wedding day. Thanks Matt and Chea!)

Loi and Company did a great job in making our celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents truly a memorable one. Hosting as if he's one of the family is something. The group even prepared a program flyer for each table, a detail which we appreciate much. I could say that truly a major part of the success of any gathering lies on the host, and for me Loi is one of them. Keep up the good work! Get ready for the 75th anniversary nila Nanay kayo ulit ang maghost.

Susan Cruz
(Ms. Susan Cruz's parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Angat, Bulacan last July 4, 2004. It was attended by more than 300 guests. All her siblings from the US were present in the said event. We are coordinating Her sister's wedding on May 27, 2006)

Loi, Ella, Lari, Olive & Joseph

Hi guys! there's no word to describe my gratitude to all of you. George and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding an event to remember. You did a great job and we salute you for that.

I remember when I was still looking for wedding coordinators, I was hesitant at first 'cause I don't know these people. A few answered my text and it was ella, one of loi's angels, where I feel comfortable talking with. I feel as we've known each other for a long time and I can tell her what's on my mind. I asked for an appointment and when we saw your videos, all our hesitations vanished. I know now that the Holy Spirit guided us in the right path.

I will never forget our times together, during our hair and make-up trial. When I finally met Loi, I find him so familiar and that's because we're classmates 'pala' at UST from kinder 'til grade 1.

I would like to thank ella for making me 'kulit' every now and then asking me 'kung ano pang kailangan ko and ano pang kulang'. For asking george at the hotel "kung naligo na ba" and that's really funny. Up to now we're talking about it and laughing.

Thank you lari for all your suggestions, for accompanying me at makati park. I know your very busy now, Congratulations in advance and best wishes. God bless you and your husband to be.

Thank you olive & ella for making me laugh and smile all the time during pictorials at the hotel and church. I really can't smile in front of the cameras and you did a great job making me do that.

Thank you joseph for a job well done at the reception, hindi ka na d'varcadas ha. (just joking) Thank you for your patience when we make fun of you at the hotel.

And finally Loi, I can't thank you enough for the services you rendered, being my host and singer and make-up artist. You know, naiiyak nako when you sang the song of Gary V. I felt your sincerity in what you're doing. It's not just work for you, but you were like a family. Being sensitive in everybodies needs. I'm recommending you to all my friends and family members and they are all asking for your number.

Hope this will not be the last, but the beginning of being together for the coming special events on our lives. God Bless!

Jessica Madrelejos
Makati Park

Hi Loi !

Loi was truly a Bride's lifesaver ( mine personally ! )

One of a bride's nightmare is her wedding coordinator backing out on the last minute. Unlucky me! I had to look for someone to host / emcee and coordinate our wedding reception all over again.

So I flipped over the Directory section of the Metro Weddings magazine and there I found Loi's contact number. I called him up and on that same day he was able to immediately made arrangements for our meeting.

Loi was very professional and gracious on our first meeting. I told him my problem and in just one sitting.....that last detail of our wedding preparations was solved by him.

Loi did not let me down. He showed up early, looking crisp and nice with his suit at the hotel along with his equally professional and reliable "angels". He did a marvelous job emceeing and singing all throughout the wedding reception. And all for a very reasonable fee....may I say. I was very lucky to have come across Loi's name and
number in the bridal magazine. My family and guests all agreed how lucky we were to have Loi save us from a really impending wedding disaster.

Any newly wedded couple couldn't be any happier.

God Bless Loi and continue the good job. We look forward to engaging your services again soon. Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ryan & Andrea Besid
Bellevue Hotel


We only met once, though hesitant (but since we had little time left to decide) we hired you.

When that great day came the hesitations were all vanished. When you arrived there on time and did your expertise. Even when a certain guest tried to ruin the night you still held your composure. You we're so damn good! We got feedbacks as well from guests and they said you were A-OK! which we greatly approved.

It was nice working with you and even behind the scenes. We hope to work with you again in the future.

Tita Len Cunanan & Family
(Tita Len and Tito Jun Cunanan celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last April 30, 2004. It was their first Church Wedding. Reception was held at the Maynila Ballroom of The Manila Hotel. A touching AVP made by their children was one of the main highlight of the event)

Hi Loi,

We want to tell you how completely satisfied we were with your hosting and your contribution to our wedding. Working with you was a pleasure.

You're so wonderful and entertaining!

We appreciate your professional and cooperative interest in complying with all our requests. Thanks so much for providing exactly what we wanted and helping to make our wedding day such a precious memory.

Richard and MaryRose Pabalan
(Richard and Mary Rose got married on December 10, 2003 at Guadalupe Viejo Church and had their reception at Filipinas Heritage Library.It was attended mostly by big names in the advertising industry including ace directors Mark Meily and Mae Paner. I rendered a full-wedding coordination and hosting services for their event. You can view their wedding pictures at www.pabalan.net)


It was great working with you. We had a lot of fun during the wedding... bloopers and all. It was a good thing that you arrived just in time for the reception. We would have been dumbfounded if no one took over the event and had a program.

But as the saying goes, all's well that ends well. And ours ended beautifully.

Your work hasn't gone unnoticed too among my guests. They enjoyed the emceeing and the songs. The way you talked about us made most of them think that you were family. I guess your idea of meeting us before the event did pay off.

The congratulations said and given that night was yours as much as it was also ours. Thank you so much for making that night a glorious one.

Ord and Ada
(Ord and Ada are both doctors. Their wedding reception was held at Holiday Inn Manila, October 2001)

Hello Loi,

It’s been a month already and we’re still reminiscing the wonderful memories we had during our wedding. Right after the wedding, many of our guests asked for your name and your group. You were very good! In fact, days before the wedding, I was having nightmares that no one would come to host and coordinate the wedding event so I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. Yet, one day before the wedding, you and your angels visited me at my suite and all my anxiety has vanished. I was really able to get a beauty sleep the night before the big day.

Thanks for listening to all our concerns and executing our demands. Everything was what we had hoped to be.

Thanks also to Ella, Olive and Lari (your wonderful 'angels') for assisting me all throughout the wedding.

For those getting married, I really recommend hiring a coordinator for your wedding day. It makes a whole lot of difference. Thanks again Loi for making me realize this.

Sunny Marie Tiong
Manila Cathedral/Century Park Hotel

On the day of my debut, I was expecting a stressful day ahead of me but Loi along with his “angels” made my party an event to remember. My plans was executed smoothly and my guests enjoyed how Loi sang and entertained them. I was amazed how quicky they respond to unexpected problems that occurred on my debut (take note: my compiled cd for my cotillion dance was not compatible with the cd player), instead of making me panic, the coordinators calmly told me the problem and luckily they found my spare cd right on time. I never thought my debut would be that organized but thanks to Loi and his magic wand, he never fails to give happy endings to every girl’s fairytale… ü

Lovely Tamayo
Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel

"PERFECT! Could not have asked for anything more! We (and our guests) shared an experience that we will never forget. In the words of our friends and family, 'It was truly the best wedding I/we have ever been too.'

"Thank you all for contributing to making our wedding the most perfect day in our lives... everyone was so happy and enjoyed that wonderful moment!

Glenn & Vic-Vic
Pontefino, Batangas





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