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A multi-talented professional who has been to different industries as a way of treading new paths of excellence & as an exercise of self-determination and self-enhancement. Each industry complements the others, thus, creating synergy. From banking, to Information Technology, to the arts…Loi has indeed paved his way towards fulfilling his passion in life.

Loi  with FamilyLoi traces his roots from UST’s corridors of knowledge & was a practitioner of business & commerce thru the Banking Industry. His interest for visual arts triggered him to learn the world of the Internet and eventually became a seasoned web developer and creative designer. Having done numerous projects for companies and products both here and abroad (e.g. Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, PLDT), he continues to run his creative juices in every advertisement material or website he creates.

Being stable in his chosen profession didn’t’ stop him from pursuing his passion for the performing arts. He went on further to explore his other talents such as singing & shared his gift of gab by hosting affairs for friends & colleagues. His charm, wit & intelligence caught audiences off-guard and now he is a professional host/singer with numerous weddings, events and road shows up his sleeves. In his desire to be a well-rounded event host he also ventured into comedy hosting via his stints at Punchline and Laffline Bar in 2002-2003.

After gaining the knowledge and experience in managing the events which contracted his service, Loi started to organize weddings and corporate events and eventually decided to professionalize and turn his craft and skill into a business enterprise. He now spearheads Loi Villarama Events Management, a team of seasoned and creative events organizers that specializes in weddings. At the same time he is the Managing Director of www.WeddingsandLifestyle.com, a wedding and lifestyle portal.


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