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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our valued clients both here and abroad, whom we consider as dear friends, for entrusting their special day to us.

My "Angels" and I take pride in being a part of making your dream wedding a reality.

Your event has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to us to do better in our future events.

We are so grateful for Loi and his team on their expert orchestration of our wedding day. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism. Being that we live in the United States, Loi and his team were able to pull off the event in such a short amount of time. Every detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were thoroughly impressed.

Richard and Leslie Holland
Los Angeles, California, USA

Hi Loi and team (special mention to Cristy!),

Our guests couldn't stop gushing over how beautiful the event was and how they appreciated the organized manner of execution. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you've shown to making our wedding happy and fun (as you promised)! We've been terribly busy and haven't had the chance to thank everyone yet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Should you find yourself in Singapore, look us up!

Please see below my testimonial of your services:

For overseas couples the bane of wedding planning is usually the logistics. Straight off the bat we decided to hire a full-time coordinator to give us some breathing room and to be able to enjoy the planning process. Loi was the first supplier we booked and it was a charmed experience since.

Suffice it to say that I am a very exacting client. That is proven when on the wedding day Cristy (one of Loi's angels) brought with her the file book for our wedding which was more or less 4 inches thick! The average would be 1-2 at most. Looking back on it now I realize how patient they were in answering even my tiniest queries. They know the ins and outs of the wedding industry and you can rest assured that the logistics are in good hands. I've asked them tons of advice from lighting technicalities to what hair color I should go for.

Our relationship with Loi and his angels were put to a test of fire. Less than 6 months to the wedding the hotel told us that someone had booked all the grand ballrooms and our event was bumped off despite having reserved a year before. To put it lightly Loi and Cristy was caught between a rock and a hard place! We flew home and met with the hotel executive with Loi and Cristy firmly by our side. Hell hath no fury than a Bride scorned is saying it lightly. Loi won the day with diplomacy and we left for abroad with a venue re-confirmed for our event.

It was fun from progress meetings to the big day itself. You can't help but be swept away with their enthusiasm and positivity. Our wedding day was made more memorable because they were with us guiding us, making us laugh and generally being great fun. No stress, no hassle and totally organized. By all accounts our wedding was a great success due in part to the hard work and professional commitment by Loi and his team.

All our guests really appreciated how organized everything was and this, in our opinion, added to their enjoyment of the event and is icing on our happiness cake!

In short Loi and his Angels are God's gift to brides and grooms to be.

Best wishes,
Pat and Lalee
Manila Cathedral/Sofitel

Bonjour Loi! And Aloha to the loveliest angels of the Loi Villarama team (esp Ela and Christy)!

Eric and I would just like to say thank you very much for sharing us your magical wands in making our wedding as marvelous as it can be! Definitely, a bow to you guys!!!

There were countless ways on how your team showed professionalism in dealing with all the wedding jitters like suppliers’ questions, bride-zilla queries (LOL!!!), and other neck-breaking requests. We won’t forget how you graciously answered each of these queries with the softest tones of “po” and “opo”, addressing our enormous questions head on! J

You also managed efficiently the TIME and SPACE differences especially with Eric being in New York. It’s a 12-hour time difference there, but this didn’t hinder you to remind us of our decisions and decisions and decisions! J

Loi and Roy’s magical hands turned me into a woman that day! The hair and make-up were the act match to my personality! I could not ask for more on how the whole look turned out: gown + hair + make-up! Seeing the look in Eric’s face as he catch his breath while looking at me in the church, made everything so perfect! J Thank you!!! J

Eric and I were truly grateful for all your help! Our wedding was indeed a truly remarkable event! Bravo! Clap! Clap! Clap!!!

Lastly, we wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of friendship! It is worth knowing that even after the event every visit in your office is still as warm as the first meeting. It’s one way of saying how blessed we were that we ran into you guys.

We look forward to more of these visits and hope to have the same warmth just like how good old friends meet over a cup of coffee after long years of not seeing each other. J

Cheers to you guys, and as you put it Loi, POWER!!!!!!

Eric and Malou
New York and Singapore
Lourdes Church/ Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay

Before we got married we saw Loi Villarama’s website but we were hesistant to have a coordinator, because there are a lot of things to consider, and thought that we can manage to plan the big event if we live out of country.

We tried to do some errands and started on our own but it was never easy. So we decided to have a coordinator instead and ended up to have their services.

I can still remember when I called in their office and had an inquiry. Grace was the one who answered all my questions. She was very accommodating and friendly. The day we went to their office she wasn’t available because she had to pick up her relatives at the airport. But she assured us that somebody will take care of us until we met Ella.

Since then, Ella became our primary contact and confidant, from the day we met her she never failed to text and call us even midnights to have follow ups. We were very comfortable working with her even though we often talk through chat and email. Kahit late na go pa din to complete the requirements. It was just so sad that on our wedding day she wasn’t able to see whatever we planned because she gave birth. During her turnover I met Cristy, she is easy to deal with at may pag ka kalog. ?

These ladies never get tired of me especially with all my demands “kaartehan and kakulitan” ?. It’s really hard planning when you are out of country. But with their help everything fell into place without any worries. From the start until the end they never let us down not only as their clients but as friends that will always be cherished.

Loi is a very talented person. Everybody had fun with his hosting kaya di na sulit ang photobooth because they don’t want to miss every single part of the programme, brilliant and very professional. He’s one of a kind. Name it, whatever you like, just let him know and he will give you all the ideas and suggestions. Sa sobrang arte ko in choosing the church sya lng pala ang sagot sa mga un.

We are so grateful to have you guys and appreciate everything you did to make our wedding as possible as we could imagine. Stress free, relaxing and we got a lot of compliments from our guests. We can’t thank you enough for the superb job you have provided us. We never regret having your services even though it’s out of our budget hehehe It’s all worth it and priceless.

Even for a short period of time we got to get along we will never forget all the memories (lalo na ung fishballs) hehehe. Hope we can work with you guys again. Two thumbs up for a wonderful and successful wedding. The whole package from planning, make up and hosting was very exceptional. Winner!!!

Salamat sa inyong lahat Loi and his angels!!!

With love,
Carlo and Jaen
Missouri, USA
Toronto, Canada

To my everdearest Loi, Ella, Jen, Marvin, Larry, Cristy et al

While most couples would never forget their wedding for obvious reasons, my husband and I will not only remember everything that transpired on that day, but those who made our wedding day memorable and the difficult planning process a lot easier will forever be remembered. And that is why 9 months from that fateful day of September 8, 2007, I am lovingly writing this for Loi Villarama and his angels :)

Loiski (as I so love calling him) was the coordinator of two of my closest friends in Singapore, Candy and Nona. I attended both weddings so I saw them in action. Having seen their work the first time, I was already sold and quickly had an informal meeting/booking the very next day. The second wedding only became an affirmation of the best decision we've made for our wedding.

We started planning our wedding with Loi and Ella at least 15 months prior. And by saying that they made it as painless and stress-free as possible is a huge understatement. Since we are an overseas couple, we truly appreciate that we were never taken for granted even if we are not in close proximity to make kulit for follow ups. While I try to do some research online for probable suppliers, Loi would give me very valuable insights on those we shortlisted, and he would also recommend suppliers that he has worked with before without being pushy like other coordinators would be. Loi was very accomodating in everything from approving the mock up of the invites, to travelling all the way to Novaliches for our cake, to booking our videographer 2 weeks before the wedding, to getting me a bottle of wine to calm my nerves from the reception to the hotel 2 hours before the wedding, and for arranging to have our pictorial at Manila Peninsula's helipad so we can have beautiful pictures and a much needed smoke break! Beat that! But besides guiding us in making crucial decisions or doing most of the leg work for us, Loi and Ella has become my stress busters and confidantes. I call them when I am on the verge of snapping and they comfort me in a way only a dear friend can do. And because of that level of treatment, I did not turn into the dreaded "Bridezilla" because I know we are in good hands.

Suffice it to say, the wedding was enjoyed not only by all of our guests, but by us as well. We felt like guests on our own wedding! I didn't feel any stress because I know they will make it happen and I gave them the free rein to handle it all for us. And we couldn't thank them enough for introducing us to most of our suppliers - Tita Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe, Ferdie of Megapixels, Dick of Sound Level, Tita Judy Uson for our cake, Serene8 our band. Our dream team came in full force and gave it their best. To this day, we get comments like "Your wedding is one of the most beautiful, if not THE MOST beautiful wedding we have ever attended" or "Your coordinators did an awesome job..very organized" or "Your corrdinator's team are very polite and professional" or "We were shocked to know that your coordinator is also your emcee and can sing very well". All of these are testament to the hardwork of Loi and his angels.

Ton and I will cherish our wedding day with fond memories of you guys. Thank you very very much for treating us not only as clients but as friends as well. Our wedding was a smashing success, something we may not be able to achieve if not for your help. We hope to see you soon when we fly back to Manila. Cheers (translation: Inom tayo hehehe!)

Ton and Daphne
Santuario De San Antonio / Manila Polo Club

Hello Ela!!

I just got back from vacation and my second day of work today...

I just wanna extend my thanks and appreciation for your magic works on my wedding!! I didn't have time to personally thank you that day.. pagod na and ngarag... thanks for assisting me ha... and ur team mates.. i'm bad at remembering names... but i really really wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Of course, the wedding was a memorable one because you managed it well... masaya din si hubby ksi di ako ngkamali sa pgpili ng service nyo.. sympre kontra yun nung una ksi additional gastos, but then i told him na pasasalamatan nia ako after kapag narinig na nya ang praises ng mga tao , which he did.. hehehe...

My family and friends were all happy of the outcome.. sympre di nakaligtas sa kanila ang mga mala-girl scout nyo na ready to go service ( ung mga pardible, pins, guntings on the go... hehehe) and who would ever forget na inihiram nyo ako ng manequin sa kapitbahay na bride.. to the point na binola bola nyo pa yung mga yun.. hehehe.. buti na lng talga u were thre!

Extend my thanks to LOI, of course, for his exceptional talent sa hosting which made the programme memorable.. when i went to church the next sunday, i was surprise when the pastor told me that LOi was great... of course i know, but, akala ko he would feel bad about some jokes.. alam mo na... hehehe.. but he did even liked him... tell LOI, i love him.. for everything.. for the hosting job , for his professionalism, for the songs and for all his angels... (",) and to all of you guys... thank you thank you talga!! hnggang sa muli...

By the way, ur uniform is really nice..

The only thing na pinagsisihan ko is i didn't have a chance to have a picture with you guys... hayyyyy.. super sayang tlga!!

But all in all, i got it all to have a memorable wedding.. yung sing-ganda pero di-sing mahal.. hehehe... simple pero ROCK!

Thanks ela and loi and the angels!!

Sherie Ann Balita-Evangelio
Doha, Qatar

Ciao Loi & Company...
Our warmest greetings to you guys from here in Italy!

Our sincere gratitude to you for making our wedding memorable and successful! Despite of the short notice and preparations as we are based here in Italy, you were able to help us in all the aspects of the preparations and made it easy for my wife to find the things that she ever wanted for the most important day of our lives. We were very glad that our family and friends not only shared that day with us but most importantly, they were able to experience the love that we have for each other by making our reception a very romantic one, without sacrificing the naughtiness and fun in the program during the reception.

This event would not have been memorable for us, our family and friends if it weren't for you guys. We pray that you continue to help every couple not just in the Philippines but also in the world to achieve their dream wedding. Once again our deepest thanks and more power to you guys!

Wen & Bek
August 10, 2007

INC Pasig/Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

Dear Loi,

We just wanted to say "Thank you" from the bottom of our hearts. You and your wonderful staff, Olive, Melgen, Gene, Anthony and Roy have made our wedding a very special and memorable event that we will never forget.

There were some last minute changes and things that we had forgotten but you and your staff managed to pull through with a smile. Because of your efficiency and professionalism, my family and the guests didn't even take notice of any last minute changes.

Thank you for taking care of me. You provided me confidence amidst the anxiety that I was facing. You managed to tell me to, "just smile and don't worry". I was nervous while in the car and getting ready to walk down the isle...but Olive was there to remind me that it will be fine. Thanks to my "angels" Ms. Olive and Ms. Gen.Watching the video, I saw how you were both there by my side through out the whole time. You both are wonderful people. Gene and Anthony you both have been good angels to Jonathan as well.

We can't imagine how the wedding would have turned out had we not hired you as our wedding coordinator. We have watched the video over and over again and we are very happy. Our families were impressed with your talents and ideas. You are 4 in 1, they said, a professional wedding coordinator, an awesome make up artist, a very good emcee and a singer too!! It was really a good deal Loi...thanks a lot. My friends said I looked like a princess....As a matter of fact, I did feel like a princess that day =)....Roy my hair was really elegant...or "bongaceuos" (as you called it)...thank you!

We were very happy and content with how the wedding turned out...of course we give the glory to God and the ultimate gratitude because in reality He was the one who made all of it possible and we were praying if we should get a coordinator or not and I was led to your website Loi! Thank you for A JOB WELL DONE....AND FOR GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND. Who knows...maybe if we decide to renew our vows again on our silver anniversary....you will definitely be our "WEDDING COORDINATOR"

God Bless and Hope to see you all again...someday....come visit us =)

Jonathan and Evai Sapico
Reno, Nevada, USA
Lourdes Church/Josephine's, Tagaytay

A very late thank you letter (testi na rin) for Loi and his angels, but a very sincere one for sure.

just an update, we just moved in to houston, so kung bibisita ka rito...let us know..:)


Hi Loi, Ella and all the Angels,

Hmm….its been almost a year since the wedding, and believe me I’m still not over it. If only there was a way for me to relive the BIG day everyday, I will. Time was definitely too short to fully enjoy one of the best days of our lives with our family and friends. Thank God Loi and his Angels were there to make sure my husband and I did make most out of the short time we have to enjoy the wedding and of course party with our loved ones.

We could honestly say it is one of the happiest days of our lives and I think a lot of the guests did truly have a great time, without Loi and his Angels, it would have never been possible to have both.

A coordinator that feels very much like a close friend.


Phil and Nona Wallis
St. Therese of the Child Jesus/MMLDC

Hi Loi, Ella, Lari & the rest of the staff!

Hello everyone! it's almost over 2months since our wedding. Sorry it took me awhile,but the transition of us going back here to the U.S. after the wedding in Manila was really a lot of work. Anyway's I just wanted to give my heartfelt thank you Loi, Ella,Lari & the rest for making our wedding night a "dream come true".

Words aren't enough to express my gratitude for finding a truly wonderful emcee,singer & make-up artist all in one (our Lord has blessed you w/ so many talents).

For the rest of the staff,most of all to Ella & Lari,i'm really glad for the care & attention you've given me & my family/whole entourage, & for executing the details we've planned together for the wedding day.

My husband & I received many compliments for the organized job you did & i'm proud to tell them the hassle free i had that day because you were there to facilitate things in order.

Miss you Guys, it's been a pleasure meeting/knowing you all & more power to your growing business!!!

take care!

Marissa Tan
Mt. Carmel Church / Sulo Hotel

Kuya Loi,

You are such a wonderful person po!!! Bukod sa magaling magset-up, mag-organize and churvas napakabait na tao and nakakainspire kase hindi plastik!!!!

Salamat sa pagsuporta din sa akin and sa pagasikaso ng birthday ko !!!! Sa susunod po ulit!!!!

Kahit konting panahon lang tayo nagbond!!! Alam kong mabuting tao ka!!

God Bless…………Kita kits sa labas!!!

Yeng Constantino

December 4, 2006

Inside the Pinoy Dream Academy

Greetings! from San Jose, California

Loi, Ella and the rest of the guys, we can’t thank you enough for making our wedding such an event worth remembering. From the day we signed the contract with you, you already started your job in making all the creative and wonderful suggestions in making our wedding different from the “ordinary”. Your angels treated us like king and queen on that day.

Our guest really enjoyed the program and we owe it a lot to you guys. Loi as well as his staff have been so helpful and accommodating to everyone. The way you presented the program was superb, you made the guests glued to their seats ‘til the end of the affair.

Again thank you so much...you guys are AWESOME !!!

E & Liezl dela Cruz
September 08, 2006

INC San Juan Central/ New World Hotel

Dear Loi, Ella, Grace, Olive & Joseph,

Hello guys and gals! Greetings from the Connecticut! We hope that everyone of you are doing great! We would like to thank everyone for helping us making our wedding day a big hit! Sonia and I had been planning for that memorable day for several months and we know how much pressure it’s going to be on our part when it finally comes. Luckily for us, Sonia found out about your group at Metro’s Wedding magazine and combined with Ella’s persistence, we decided to hire all of you as our wedding day coordinators. Everyone did beyond our expectations. You made our wedding day hassle-free as you took care of everything. You all acted very professionally, with all smiles and courtesy.

At the reception, fronted by a very talented and conversational host, none other than Mr. Loi Villarama, we received a lot of wonderful comments from our guests. There was never a dull moment they say. Do we need to mention he’s (Loi) an excellent singer? Yes he is! Many say it was one of the best wedding receptions they have attended. Truly you all know what it takes to have a successful wedding. We really appreciate all the collective work you’ve done during our wedding. Thank you so much! We wish you more power and success to your group and we’ll surely remember you in our future group gatherings.

God bless!

Jhambol & Sonia Santos
Connecticut, USA

It’s was complicated for us to prepare the wedding in the Philippines coz we’re both living in Singapore. But when we got Loi us our wedding coordinator, things became very easy & everything turned out the way we liked it to be. Loi made all our ideas a reality, from the invitation, theme, church, reception, etc. We even tried testing Loi’s taste in choosing items for our wedding. So, we asked him to choose a cake design in our behalf but he must not inform us & then we’ll choose when we come & visit Manila. And believe us, he never failed to impress & surprise us.

Our invitation was created personally by him & his angels, namely, Ella, Olive, Grace, Meljen, Joseph and Armel. The photography theme was consistently executed from the invitation, to the backdrop and table centerpieces which were made by Tita Joyce of 2171 Floral Creations. Even the wedding gown & the suit w/c was designed by Edward Teng was really gorgeous. Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sentimental Groove, Emil Buencamino’s Photography, Exstatic...we wouldn’t have known all of these good companies/ people without the help of Loi & his angels.

It was also good hearing feedback/comments from our friends after the wedding. The invitation was unique, the church wedding was solemn, the choir was great, and the reception was fabulous. The coordinators (Loi’s angels) were very nice, polite and had a cheerful smile, they said that they haven’t seen such attitude in other weddings they attended before. Even the host (Loi) was very professional in what he’s doing. Everyone really had a great time. We enjoyed our own wedding.

It was a dream wedding that really came true and it all happened because of you, Loi, a true wedding angel. From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU. Your friendship will always be treasured. We look forward in seeing you here!

God bless you all,

Ryan & Candy Sutingco

(It has always been a challenging task to execute
a wedding if your clients are thousands of miles away. But it was made easy for me by Ryan and Candy because of their prompt responses to my text messages and emails. Likewise, they would readily give their decision on different matters faster than i expected it. Their "photography" theme was equally challenging and fun to execute. We had as much fun as you did guys. Thank you for entrusting your wedding to us.)

Dear Loi,

Greetings from the "Big Apple"!

Thank you very much for making our 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration an event to remember.

We are so glad we found you. You have guided us every step of the way in making sure that all the details in making this event a success were attended to. You have a knack in making us feel comfortable when tension gets on the way. Although we were a world away, you made sure that you were always there to answer our concerns, through e-mails (55 e-mails to be exact), dozens of text messaging and telephone calls.

You impressed us with your attention to details, your honesty, patience and energy. To you and your staffs - thank you for a job well done.

Carmelita and Manuel De Guzman
Old Westbury, New York

(Tita Lit and Tito Manny De Guzman celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last June 25, 2004. They got married in New Y
ork and deemed to celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary here in the Philippines. Tito Manny is connected with Chase Manhattan Bank of New York and Tita Lit is with Northwest Airlines. Celebration of the Holy Eucharist and Reception was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of The Manila Penninsula Hotel. Their only son Edmund and his beloved wife Liz celebrated their first wedding anniversary on that same date.)

Let me tell you guys about Loi...he's a great emcee and a very good singer. Our wedding reception went very smooth because not only did he provide good entertainment but also stabilized the whole program. We arrived at our reception hall at least 45 minutes after all the guests have been seated and Loi did his best to entertain them and i must say, it worked out really good. Nobody got bored while waiting for us and for some that were starving, they forgot all about it. Loi, along with his crew (Lari, Olive and Ella) are very professional.

During our preparation, although MCing is only a small part of the preps, they kept in touch with us and offered us great deal of suggestions and inputs w/c are very helpful to the success of our wedding. They really love what they do and it reflects on the outcome of their work.

Loi and company, we cannot thank you guys enough for the great job you guys provided. We regret that we weren't able to invite you guys at least for a lunch before we left to personally thank all of you. But rest assure that you guys always get our recommendation to family and friends for all the big events in their lives. Again, thank you so much and keep up the great job!

Lawrence and Mary Grace Binuya
New Jersey

(Lawrence and Mary Grace got married last July 17, 2004 at Hiyas Convention in Malolos Bulacan. Lawrence serves the US NAVY while Mary Grace is a nurse in New Jersey. They decided to have their wedding done here in the country to
celebrate this all important milestone with their relatives and friends. I met Mary Grace only on the day of her wedding but it seems we've know each other for a long time. Lawrence arrived in Manila ahead of his beloved Mary Grace and it was a pleasure working with him. Due credit must also be given to Che Dela Rosa who was at the forefront of the entire wedding preparation.)

What striked me most about Loi's group is their endearing sense of "ownership" of the event/s that they tackle. Well, at least that was my experience in the recent golden wedding anniversary of my parents for which I engaged the group's services as host and on-the-day event coordinators. Loi and his sweet angels (Lari, Olive and Ella) has this way of making you feel as if they're part of the family and is just as every bit concerned about the details, program flow and overall success of the occasion.

Kudos to your excellent hosting/singing and event coordination guys! And thanks for providing a strong, solid "backbone" to what turned out to be a smooth and wonderful, even magical evening for many of us (most especially our parents!). You're definitely on my speed dial for our next big celebration/anniversary party...:).

P.S. Oh and let me not forget the perfect weather amidst a strong rainy forecast for the day (it actually rained earlier but it completely stopped during the entire celebration)! Didn't you tell me you have a 100 % batting record for great weather on every occasion you handle because of prayer? Well then, I'm an ardent believer - God must be on your side!:)

Beverly David

Thank you for your contribution to the success of our wedding. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and we greatly appreciate it. It was a pleasure working with you and every one of your staff, and we consider your work to more gatherings in the future. GOOD JOB!!!!


Mere words are really inadequate, To thank you for your effort, Gherald and I certainly appreciate what you did, Now I'll say a big THANK YOU, to you.


(Gherald was in the US becuase of his work during the preparation stage of their wedding. I organized their wedding with the help of the internet. Salve and i kept him updated on every details of the event through the phone and thru email. It was fun and challenging..and tidious as well. They got married on December 18, 2003 at San Agustin Church and their reception at the courtyard of the church. Visit their website at www.gherald-salve.com)





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